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There are several types of magic performance available, each one appropriate to different circumstances.  They can often be combined to provide a unique, multi-layered experience for your guests.  I will be happy to discuss your specific needs and desires, and will create a package that will properly suite your event.


Close-up magic is perfect for smaller audiences. It utilizes smaller items and props, and is performed right in front of the spectators, even in their own hands.  It is interactive and intimate, and can leave a profound impact on the audience.

Close-up magic can be performed in a number of different styles:

STROLLING / TABLE TO TABLE  magic is a performance that moves from group to group. The magician works completely out of his pockets, or with whatever is found on the table. This is usually a shorter presentation of three or four effects;  then the magician moves to the next table, circulating through the room.  Strolling magic is often performed in restaurants, at dinner gatherings, anniversary parties, wedding receptions, and any place where there are sets of tables or groupings of seating.

MINGLE magic is similar to strolling / table to table, but is less structured.  The magician enters the event and moves through the gathering performing for various groups of guests.  There are often no tables, so all of the magic happens in the magician's or the spectator's hands.  Mingle magic is very effective for parties, cocktail hours, wedding receptions, and any event where the guests are standing or moving about. 

A CLOSE-UP SHOW is performed at a table with a limited number of seats.  It can be a specially designated table or a dinner table.  The use of the table allows for the  use of more and different kinds of props, not limiting the magician to what he can carry in his pockets.  This type of presentation is quite suitable for, but not limited to,  after dinner entertainment, small private parties, and special events.


Stand-up magic is less intimate than close-up, using props that are easily visible by larger groups of people.  However, the loss of intimacy is replaced by the scale and the "wow factor" of the effects.  Stand-up also allows the magician to entertain more guests at one time, and to perform a broader selection of effects.

PARLOR magic derives its name from a time when magicians would be invited to a home party to perform for the guests in the parlor or drawing room.  Today, the tradition continues in homes around the world.  The magician presents his effects in the comfort of a living room, or any small to medium sized room.  While parlor magic is a structured show, it often feels casual and personal due to the close proximity of the magician to the audience.   And though this style is traditionally presented in a living room, it can easily be performed in a back yard, a classroom, a meeting room, or any small to medium sized venue.  This is ideal for private parties, and small civic events.

PLATFORM magic is, as the name suggests, performed on a raised platform.  This gives larger groups of spectators a better view of the effects.  Platform magic is a structured show, playing bigger than close-up or parlor magic, in effect, a small stage show.  Platform shows have a feeling of size that other styles do not, and can play to sizable gatherings of guests.  Restaurants, wedding receptions, business meetings, private parties, civic functions;  any larger gathering can benefit from a platform show.

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